I’m different.
I’m better than I was before.

I can’t pinpoint an exact time or date when this happened but it did happen …. And it continues to happen.

I know I came to a point I was done trying to be everyone’s cup of tea, done with thinking about who I was, who was with me, who was for me, who was against me or avoiding me like the plague because of who I was, what I do or even wanted to say.

I was irritable with the world and with me. I was done second-guessing myself and I was done with anything that didn’t bring joy peace and purpose to my life. I had to let go of being a people pleaser and begin to be authentically me. 

Life is a journey of experiences, people come in and out for a reason and a season. Sometimes a shortstop, others much longer and some boomerang in and out. And that’s okay that’s the wonderful thing about life
As I embarked on this change I realised everyone is always going to have an opinion which is based on their own perspective values and experiences.

Just as I do. And that is just it. To me.

My opinion, my perspective that is based on my values and experiences is what matters to me the most. That is my opinion, my perspective about myself is what matters to me most.

Pushing mid40s – I actually love me. I am grateful for what has shaped me. 

I’ve learnt how to back myself, to be comfortable with failure, to look for challenges to grow, to pull myself into the light and to trust that I am worthy and enough. 

At the end of the day, life is too bloody short. Every day is a blessing and it’s a chance to be a little better than the day before. And as long as I draw breath, I have my loving family around me and gratitude, joy and purpose within my heart… then I am one of the richest women I know.

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