I have been called many things during my life. Mum is by far the best! 

Never thought I would hear those words said to me, as at 19 I was told I would never fall pregnant. And if I did, I would have a shit show and heck even keeping the baby. Fast forward to 2001 and this little cherub you see here let himself be known…afternoon sickness and PMS on steroids. 

What an interesting time. I am not sure I would have coped the first 17 weeks without regular ultrasounds to see if everything was ok. Thank goodness he was a mover and after 17 weeks a bit of juice or a poke and I was reassured. As a single mum, I certainly found it comforting.

Now at the end of this month, this little champ is going to turn 18. Yes, 18!
I really couldn’t be prouder of this young man. Whilst a few have doubted his ability to achieve success, my faith never wavered that it would all work out in the end. Beginning as that rambunctious interesting kid that was avoided at school, that rarely got invited to parties or had no one turn up
to his birthday party to a young man who is empathetic, loyal, hilarious and passionate about what he wants, where he is going and who he spends his time with.

So my message is this. If you are wondering how on earth your child is going to turn into a decent human being, my message is don’t give up

* Stay committed to your parenting values, love you, child, no matter what heartache or grey hair they cause.
* Be firm and consistent with rules, boundaries and consequences.
* every day tell them what you love about them.
* Involve positive mentors in their life, whether your partnered or not.
* Be a great role model for them. What they see is what they will do.

Can’t guarantee this will work because remember each child is different and they
don’t come with an instruction manual but I really do think these things have helped me in the journey of Motherhood.

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