Stress is a silent killer…well sometimes. As a woman and mother, you can find stress in your workplace or throughout your daily life. Back when we lived in a cave, stress helped us survive and it does have a purpose in our physiology.







However, now it is so prevalent in our lives that it can cause more harm than good.







When those challenges of life come along our body experiences stress, being in a constant state of stress is not good for ones’ well being mentally or physically….from increased blood pressure, the decline in your immune system, weight gain, anxiety, heart disease….the list is quite lengthy.







Stress Awareness Day was established to set a time of reflection aside, to analyze what stressors we have and assess whether they are worth keeping. It is also worthy to note that having coping strategies in place for the stressors that need to stay is super important.







Take 20 minutes to review what is causing you stress. What things do you need to keep in your life but most importantly what are the things you can tell to piss off.







Some coping strategies for the things that need to stay are:







1. Schedule in some time out and do a joyful activity.
2. Begin to practice guided meditation.
3. Try progressive muscle relaxation.
4. Ask for help


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