A positive thinker is someone who accepts that sometimes bad things happen through a positive thinker won’t let it take them out. Because they are resilient.

Resilience is that characteristic that gives you the ability to face adversity and bounce back from it.

Resilience is something we learn as we grow.

Even as adults we can strengthen our resilience by:

  • keeping our humour
  • surrounding ourselves with supportive people
  • taking time for self-care. I.e. eating well, sleeping well, nourishing the mind.
  • understanding what is actually within our control. (Other people’s behaviour is not one of them).
  • reframing problems as challenges and opportunities to learn.
  • practicing gratitude for the blessings/ the good things you have in life.

Even as I write this, I know that I am still building my resilience. Some days you will have all your stuff together. Some days you won’t have your ‘ish’ together at all. It is these days that you will need to dig deep into gratitude and resilience practices so that you bounce back from the crap and move on to something better.

I hope you found value in this today, please feel free to share on your socials.

Jode x

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