Spring for Mum’s is a great chance to rid the winter slump and spring into a fresher perspective. Here are 4 tips to help you spring into spring.

TIP 1:

Ground yourself or earth yourself daily. Basically, walk out in the sunshine on bare feet. I find the easiest time to do this is when I peg out the washing. If you live in an apartment, perhaps you could go to your local green space once a day to do it. It doesn’t have to belong.  Grounding basically is where be reconnect to the earth on an electrical level and based on physics the effect is good for your body.

TIP 2:

Look after your spiritual wellness. That can be done in a multitude of ways such as meditation, yoga, giving gratitude, prayer. Whatever works for you and sometimes it can be more than one, will be of benefit. Humans are spiritual beings in some shape or form.

TIP 3:

Get your blood pumping for at least 15 minutes a day. Exercise can come in many forms. I like walking and yoga at the moment however not afraid to mix it up with a bike ride or Zumba from YouTube. If you are currently in lockdown YouTube is your best friend.

TIP 4:

Drink plenty of water, 2 – 3L ideally. Seems like a lot. If you set alarms every 1 1/2 hours to remind you to drink and have a measured amount eg: 500ml it will soon add up. Your body will thank you for it because your bowels will be hydrated, no headaches, less fatigue and you won’t be confusing hunger for thirsty. 


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