3 Mumma Mindset Tips To Help Your Stop Losing Your Marbles.

There are days where you want to send out smoke signals, messages in a bottle or silently mouth ‘help me’ … and crickets. I know how it feels, those days are long and hard and can are times seem like they are never ending.

However these mindset tips can help you manage the day with a lot more calm and keep your from losing your marbles.

1. Watch your language and tone when looking at whether the glass is half full or half empty. Rather than saying “the day has gone to the shit house I’m running late already” … say ” I acknowledge I am running late, but I am on track now for a great day.” Find the positive in situations around you. Another great example is “the kids have made nothing but a mess crap is everywhere,” instead  say ” The kids have had a great time without the need of technology.” ( I am writing this as a reminder to myself – the struggle is real).

These thoughts take time to establish and practice, but when you do I am telling you it makes a world of difference to your mind and  your day.

2. Challenge yourself to NOT criticize yourself for 30 days. When you catch yourself doing so, start counting the days again. Instead applaud yourself, praise the good things you do and speak to yourself like you would your best friend or kids.  You should aim to be your biggest cheer leader.

3. Remember to breathe…just breathe. Walk away from the situation and breathe deeply to get control of your emotions and thoughts. Sometimes walking around the house, going to the bathroom or laundry to breathe can give you that time out and silence that you need.  


If this is making sense to you and you find this valuable please feel free to share on your socials….oh and let me know how these work for you.


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