There are days where being a mother can really jerk your chain and others which make   giggle. Having a good laugh about things can often lighten the mood and give a 5 minute reprieve from the mayhem outside of this blog.

So I have gathered some quotes which I find very amusing and I’m sure you will too.  Most of the authors are unknown other than the few I have recognised.

1. ‘Behind every mother is a basket full of laundry.’

Seriously,  can I get a heck yeah! My two youngest kids change clothes 467 times a day. Really, how dirty can that t-shirt be when it’s being worn for a nanosecond?

2. ‘Good mums let you lick the beaters; a great mum turns them off first.’

This was a favorite child hood memory and often my sister would argue over the beaters. Now, my daughter loves to lick the beaters however the Little Fella does not. Happy days for her.

3. ‘I smile because I’m your mother. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.’

These moments of karma are awesome. I remember when my eldest use to throw himself down in the middle of the shopping centre….. 14 years later I busted out the sprinkler and moves from the 80’s at his debutante ball.

4. ‘Toilet, shower, hair and makeup are really an Olympic sport. The fans call your name and you’re pressured to finish in record time.’

I never thought I could win a gold medal at this sport but apparently I’m gifted.

5. ‘Nothing is really lost until Mum can’t find it.’

This goes for my husband too. “Where’s the…”, I literally walk in and pass it to him in a split second.  *foreheadslap*

6. ‘I love all my children equally. Except the one that sleeps. I love that one more’ ~ @hipster_mum

I have had good sleepers and the one bad sleeper who takes absolutely forever to go to sleep… they have kids valium #askingforafriend

7. ‘Silence is golden…unless you have kids, then silence is just suspicious.’

This is the number one thing that tells me the Little Fella is into something he shouldn’t be. His father’s tool, lighting fires or heating metal implements to melt plastic animals…the struggle is real.


8. ‘People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one’ ~  Leo Burke

This should be rewritten as sleep like a teenager. ‘Cause they sleep for hours even through mowing the lawn right outside their window at midday.

9. ‘Shout out to my neighbors for pretending they don’t hear me screaming like a psychopath at my kids’ ~ momsgotink

I would like to think they don’t hear me but I am pretty sure they do.

10. ‘My house isn’t messy… it’s uniquely designed by children.’

They feel that having their clothes and toys scattered adds colour and texture to the space.

So what do you think? Have you read a funny quote about motherhood which rings true? Share below






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