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Hello and Welcome To Mummachat.  

I’m Jody. I am a mother of 3 (sometimes 4 if you include DH). My personal journey, observations mixed with an educational background, has inspired me to become the Creator of Mummachat, which is a coaching service to support, inspire and motivate mothers. I get my inspiration and drive from the kids,  other glorious mothers and the want to make a difference in the lives of others. Coaching mums to reclaim their headspace, wellbeing and self-empowerment not only improves the life of the individual but it also sends a ripple effect out into her children and family. 

Mumma Is This You?


You sit silently on your couch with your head in your hands, frustrated and struggling to remember when you last had any joy or peace in your life. You often look in the mirror and question who is this person staring back at you and then irritably turn to tell your kids off just one more time.

Are you the mother you always dreamed of or hoped you would be? Are you happy? Do you remember who you are? Or are you completely overwhelmed?

The Reality Of It All.

Let’s be honest, motherhood can be a tough gig! More so if you’re on your own or your partner works long distance gigs that keep him away from home even if he is home it still can be tough. Juggling all the things, kids, school, work, pressure of finances … I know how that feels. I have been where you are now.

Motherhood has many joyous moments, and then there are those times where you may be tempted to rip your hair out. There are often times when we feel undervalued, unappreciated and have a sense of low self-worth. There are those times where you are so overwhelmed you just want to lose your sh*&T. 

The thing is, we want to do the best by our children and be the best mother and role model we can be. To be that Mumma, we need to have a good sense of wellbeing, self-empowerment  and be happy within ourselves. If   that is what you are most yearning for, then I can coach you in creating your super suit (with sequins and all),  of Empowered thoughts, Balanced emotions and Renewed well-being.

Why Mummachat?

We believe that when a Mumma feels healthy, valued and empowered she can contribute to the family fully, is a better role model and she becomes a woman who radiates self-confidence and love. We believe love underpins the ferocity of motherhood, which then transpires through to your children and loved ones, making them the best that they can be.

Our Mission: To provide mothers with a platform whereby one develops a sense of self-growth, self-love and wellbeing. 

Our Vision: Is that all mothers gain an understanding of their inner-most self, as well as acknowledging their value and self-appreciation so that the legacy they leave behind is witnessed, remembered and carried on by their children.

Our Values: Our values revolve around the fact that we are unapologetically authentic and intentional, no BS, yet caring and understanding. We act at all times from a place of love and support, where we create strong, healthy relationships which allow for clear, successful communication.

So what now?

Being a mother, you continuously take time to care for, love and nurture others. Make the beneficial decision to extend this love to yourself, and click here to send me an email and connect.

Speak with you soon,

Jody X

You’re ready for those superpowers, right?

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